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Legal Specialties

We offer 3 Generations of Personal Injury Law Expertise

We Are Your Personal Injury Specialist

The top legal specialty of our firm is Personal Injury Law. Our attorney’s have over 60 years of experience and knowledge in this area, and are dedicated to making sure you are taken care of. If you've been involved in an accident don't delay contact Levin & Levin today. Over the past 3 generations, we have handled thousands of  claims involving personal injury. Our lawyers have what it takes to successfully represent personal injury clients.

Other Legal Specialties

Criminal Defense

Our law firm has many years of experience in criminal defense and traffic law. Our attorneys will work hard to help you get through these difficult times and assist you in getting your life back on track. From minor traffic violations to DUI’s to felony drug crimes, we know that these sometimes unexpected situations arise and our attorney’s are there with you every step of the way.

Divorce & Family law

Cases involving divorce, custody, child support and spousal support matters and visitation are often filled with emotion. While you deal with the personal effects of your situation, our attorneys are dedicated to the details and obtaining the best legal results for you possible. These situations are often difficult on all parties and our attorneys strive to provide the level-headed guidance and advice during these emotional times

Probation & Bond Hearings

Whether you have already been serving time for a crime and come up against yet another obstacle, or whether you are facing a situation in which you are completely unfamiliar; our attorneys are here to assist you.

Estates & Wills

Our attorneys know how important it is that your loved ones are taken care of after you’re gone from this world. We also know how important it is for you and your loved ones to know that you are protected and cared for while you’re still here. We offer services to prepare necessary documents to ensure that all of those needs are met. From a Power of Attorney to a Living Will to the Last Will and Testament, our staff can assist you and your family in the preparation and execution of all documents necessary, while helping put your mind at ease.